This software lets you control your external monitor’s brightness

Ever wanted to control your external monitor’s brightness via software on Windows? Well this great piece of software will help you do it in few clicks.

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0

The first thing we need to do is to download and install ClickMonitorDDC to see if your hardware configuration works. After installing it, launch it. If nothing shows up, check the task bar near the clock where you might see some numbers like in the screenshot below :

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 taskbar icons
ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 taskbar icons

How to control my monitor’s brightness?

First, you need to click any of the icons you see in the taskbar. You’ll be greeted with the following window :

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 main window with the monitor's brightness settings
ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 main window with the monitor’s brightness settings

Try to use the slider that says Brightness and if everything’s working as expected, your monitor’s brightness should change accordingly. This is of course as you may notice not the only feature of this software. You can adjust the contrast as well as the color profiles and other functionnalities that your monitor may support.

My desktop monitor for example supports volume control as well as custom color temperature settings (located in the bottom-left side in the scroll items).

Custom profiles for specific apps !

Another neat feature is that ClickMonitorDDC can also enable specific screen settings depending on the app you might be using. Click the little button located on the top-left corner, you’ll see a settings window as follows :

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 settings window
ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 settings window

You can fiddle around with specific apps profiles, timers and hotkeys. To be honest, I was really surprised with how complete this software is.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a developer, a creator or any type of user, I’m more than sure that this great piece of software can be greatly useful for you. I’m using it on all my computers to quickly control my monitor’s brightness with just a click. If you like this software, please don’t forget to support the developer with a little donation.

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