Recover the encrypted Windows 8/8.1 key in the BIOS

I installed Windows 8/8.1 but I can no longer find my official activation key!

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New computers shipped with Windows 8 or 8.1 pre-installed are enabled using an encrypted key in the BIOS. Microsoft has decided to use this method to limit the hacking and reuse of your activation key against your will by ill-intentioned people.
However, Windows does not always detect this key and it may suddenly harass you day and night for you to provide this key that you are not going to find easily.

Which software to use?

RWEverything is the software of the situation, it allows you to read every bit of your BIOS, very useful for users wishing to hack their BIOS for example.
Attention! You don't have to change anything through this app unless you know what you're doing.
Once RWEverything installed (it may be that your antivirus warns you that it is a virus, it is a false-positive) run the application in administrator mode then: click on "access" in the top left menu, choose "ACPI tables", in the window that will be displayed, choose the "MSDM" tab. Your key is entered in the "data" field at the bottom. The print screen below shows you where to click.

Steps to follow with RWEverything in order to recover its Windows 8/8.1 key
Steps to follow with RWEverything.

Congratulations! You have recovered your official Windows 8/8.1 key, keep it in a safe place and most importantly, do not disclose it to anyone!

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