LibreOffice will eventually go online


Several years have passed since the Foundation responsible for maintaining LibreOffice had announced in 2011 an online version of LibreOffice. Four years later, we are finally pleased to read that the LOOL (LibreOffice OnLine) project is still current.

LibreOffice OnLine

After a long silence about LibreOffice online…

Indeed, it was yesterday on 25 March 2015 that the site "LibreOffice from Collabora" published a blog post titled "LibreOffice OnLine questions answered: what, who, how and when" answering the various questions posed about the subject, that is four years after the announcement of the project. Four years of absolute silence and dark stories about internal problems.
If you are an English speaker, I suggest you consult the article on the LibreOffice from Collabora website. Otherwise, you can continue to read this article where I translate the interesting parts of the post;

Key points

  • Full fidelity to the LibreOffice desktop version.
  • All formats (writer, Calc and impress) will be supported.
  • Initially included an HTML5 user interface.
  • Usable version scheduled for the end of the year.
  • Usable version scheduled for the end of the year. Usable version scheduled for the end of the year.

Questions and answers: all details

What will be the name of the project?
As expected, it will be called "LibreOffice online" (LOOL)

Will it be hosted by the document Foundation?
Yes, it will be hosted by the document Foundtation, it will also be contributed to the LibreOffice project normally as is the case for the project Smoose Viewer/Collabora LibreOffice for Android all in accordance with the policy of Collabora.

Who will maintain the LOOL project after its launch?
Collabora will maintain the project with the LibreOffice community and the contributors are welcome.

How will the project support LibreOffice documents?
LOOL will be compatible with all documents created by the desktop version of LibreOffice. All files supported by writer, Calc and impress will also be supported by LOOL including OOXML files and a dozen other formats. No online suite has ever succeeded in being compatible with 100% with all documents according to the versions, LibreOffice online will be the first. The rendering will be loyal by using the same rendering engine used under LibreOffice desktop (via LibreOfficeKit).

Can we compare the options offered by LibreOffice?
The editing options will initially be similar to the LibreOffice Android Editor. It will offer the same options available under the desktop version of LibreOffice.

What will be proposed at the launch?
A new version of the LibreOffice OnLine server application capable of serving a basic HTML5 Web user interface for viewing and editing documents.

When will LibreOffice online be released?
A preview version will be expected early 2016. Collabora follows an open-first-all philosophy, all the development is done transparently and it will be possible to follow and contribute to it.

What is the current development status of LibreOffice OnLine?
The work has already begun and the results of the initial work will soon be proposed.

When will the first public demonstrations be available?
Video demonstrations are planned after this announcement or soon.

What will the LibreOffice online server side consist of?

  1. LibreOfficeKit: an existing tool used by LibreOffice for Android and other LibreOffice projects allowing the rendering of documents, sponsorship, calculation and other features for LibreOffice desktop.
  2. A server communicating via tiled images of the document to the browser and allowing the lifecycle management of the LibreOffice process and the cached images.

Which platforms will support the LibreOffice OnLine Server?
LibreOffcieKit and the new tile server are coded in C++.

Will the LibreOffice OnLine client require an addon or plugin?
No, the Web client will only use JavaScript and HTML5.

Which platforms will the Web client target?
Any browser compatible with modern Web standards will be able to run LibreOffice online.

What will LibreOffice online use as software?
We anticipate a uniform MPLv2 license for all source code. Aligned with the license mode of the document Foundation. We will also use the leaflet library licensed under BSD.

Here is for the blog post, for my opinion, I confess to be very excited at the idea of finally seeing a project such as LibreOffice OnLine in competition with the "big market". So I wish the developers good luck and look forward to the sequel.

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