Mobile Web MPAs within reach of all


A few years ago, if we had been told that the Internet would become the world it is today, we would have a hard time believing it. Smartphones capable of navigating on huge pages with a gigantic amount of scripts capable of blocking IE6. Content very rich in multimedia and I go.
Except that there, mobile phones and Smartphones are certainly powerful, but do not look right in front of you, some people have phones still poorly performing or limited resources and it is very unpleasant for a reader to have to Type an ad that in addition to disturbing it blocks almost all the loading of the page.

The accelerated mobile pages

The accelerated mobile pages (or accelerated mobile pages in French) are pages specifically optimized for smartphones and mobile phones with few resources and to offer the visitor a lighter version of your webpage with all the content it needs.
This opensource initiative has been developed with the aim of allowing all access to information without constraints and without impact on performance.
Think about it for a while, if you had a good old Smartphone and you needed a very important article (like those of Beldy:p) how you will do if the MPAs did not exist? You will have to wait for the loading of these large pages that will take your precious time and that'll make your phone to the bottom (what? Our pages are not optimized? But not:p). In short, all this to tell you that:

    1. The AMP pages are great, you have to use them if you want if you want to have the most focused on the audience.'s pages are now in AMP mode.
  • We want to know more

    The AMP project is an opensource project, in short, I bring nothing new since the project has been rolling since 2015. However, it is important to me to share this information hoping to have the most focused on webmasters and Web developers.
    The project is opensource and is available on github here:

    AMP project on Github

    You can also visit the AMP spec page here:

    Official page of the AMP specification

    And finally, you can install the AMP plugin for your site/WordPress blog by there:

    AMP plugin for WordPress

    I therefore count on you to adopt this initiative in order to make the Web better for all!

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