Inkscape 0.91 is finally going from beta to stable


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For those unfamiliar with Inkscape, it is a GNU GPL open source vector drawing software. Very powerful and efficient, it is a rival of choice against the well-known Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape supports open standards such as SVG and makes it the format of its projects when recorded.
Out there, it's been almost four and a half years that despite the progress of the project, the open-source community has not heard from this software. This expectation is finally over since the developers have put online the stable version of the software.
As for my case, I use Inkscape in my work, I have been under version 0.91 pre2 for a while and I confess to be very excited about the release of the latter in stable version.

What's new with this latest version of Inkscape?

The developers have formalized the correction of almost 700 bugs, a new rendering engine based on Cario, multi-tasking (finally!), several enhancements for the text tool, a measurement tool and much more.
About Inkscape 0.91
As quoted at the top, Inkscape incorporates a new Cario-based rendering engine that is much faster for drawing renderings. The rendering of SVG is cached which makes the software very responsive.
Inkscape also integrates multi-tasking with OpenMP, filter renderings use all CPU cores for calculations, making the use of Inkscape very efficient on multi-core systems (common days).
In addition, Inkscape 0.91 integrates a new measurement tool that will assist you in calculating the angles and lengths of objects in real time. (figure below)

Angle measurement tool in Inkscape 0.91
Angle measurement tool in Inkscape 0.91

The text tool was also entitled to many improvements:

    • The text size is in pt and can be customized in PX, PT, PC, mm, cm, in, EM.
    • The text bar displays all the variants of the font used.
    • Files with em text sizes are now displayed correctly.
    • Inkscape now offers a font substitution menu.

Other features offered by Inkscape 0.91

  • A color display mode in grayscale.
  • The node tool incorporates a drop-down menu that allows nodes to be inserted into the extreme values of the segments.
  • Improvements in the gradients toolbar, it is now possible to change the names of gradients, the colors used, the sort order (name, color, use…).
  • A new symbol library and a new dialog box for symbols.
  • Support for actual sizes of actual documents and units like the millimeter.
  • A new library specifically created for Inkscape allowing the vectorization of rasterized images of pixel art accessible via path-> Vectoriser pixel art…
  • New file formats are supported:
    • FXG XML Flash format in export.
    • Format Synfig animation studio SIF in export. (I'll talk soon, promised:p)
    • The HTML5 canvas format in export.
    • The Visio VSD import format
    • The CorelDraw CDR import format
    • The input/output filters of EMF and WMF files have been rewritten and are now cross-platform.
  • New extentions: guillotine, isometric grid generator, bitmap Ronging, text extraction, HSL adjustment, cast iron replacement, Voronoi diagram, Hershey text…
  • An alignment and distribution mode.
  • An option to find and replace.
  • And even more!

I could not cite everything, this version incorporates many new features, you can consult them in the article of the official wiki of Inkscape 0.91 in English.


Download the Inkscape 0.91 stable version from the official website!



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