Change the Windows 10 connection wallpaper


Windows 10 quickly became a very hype operating system (good on one side because of the Microsoft update policy and another because it is much more complete than Windows 8 and 8.1). In short, this is not the subject. In this short article, I'll explain how to change the Windows 10 voting connection wallpaper. Indeed, even if it is possible to change the image of the lock screen, Microsoft requires us to type the horrible Windows default image on the login screen.

Windows 10 login screen background changer

As the name says, this program allows to change the background of the login screen. This application is the result of Krutonium's work on Github. Just visit the official repository and download the binary file on Github. Once extracted, open the GUI folder and run "W10 logon BG changer. exe", you will be warned by a message stating that the author is not responsible for any side effect due to the application. If you accept, you will have a window like the figure below.

Windows 10 login screen background changer interface
Windows 10 login screen background changer interface

The menu on the right allows you to browse the image you want to put in the background. The app will instantly update the preview of your new screen as this example:
Windows 10 login screen background change after background change
Windows 10 login screen background change after background change

You only have to apply the change and lock the screen by using the button on the top bar to see if your changes have been taken into account.
The application also has a command-line interface to make these changes (for example, if you want to automate changes).
Be careful however, check that your build is well supported by the application to avoid problems.

Windows 10 login screen background changer

Official Github repository

I hope this application will be useful:)!

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