Seriously, stop installing WinRar

This article has only one purpose, to freely promote a quality, free software and open-source . The issue? It seems rather not popular for the mainstream audience.

Please note though that I’m not affiliated to this software nor with their authors. This article is to pay respects to an excellent piece of software that I find useful everyday.

If you don’t like long stories, just click on the link below to head to the official 7zip website:

7zip’s official website

Download and install it, then click on the Window’s start menu, lookup for 7zip, right click on it and start it in administrator mode by clicking on “Run as administrator”, once the 7zip window will appear, click on the top-menu “Tools” then “Options” and finally on the plus “+” button as highlighted in the screenshot below. Finally, just click “Ok”. This will setup 7zip as your default compressed files manager.

7zip options window with file associations

Here your go. You can now enjoy an unlimited free software that’s lightweight, fast and awesome. For those who want to read my story, continue below.

Why 7zip is better?

Let’s start with the simplest point, it’s FREE. 7zip is free and open-source software, which means that all of its source code is made public and anyone can view, modify and alter it. The advantage besides your saving you money is that you are sure that you have a software which does not potentially collect your private data. Also, that there is a community which will maintain the software and will ensure that that it is “compliant”.

“Yes but WinRar has an ‘infinite’ trial period so I don’t pay anything.” Yes, you do not pay anything, but that does not mean that you comply with the WinRar license agreement. In addition and above all, it is a closed software, you have no idea how it uses your data for example.

However, this argument may not hold up for you. So to justify a little more my rant in front of the aberrant use of WinRar in spite of a free competitor such as 7zip, here is a situation I’ve witnessed the other day.

A friend in front of me wanted to open a .rar file, he double clicks, it has the famous window of “Your trial period is over etc..”. He extracts his files, closes the software and realizes that he still needs the file so re-opens and still has the trial period window.

You would say to me, it is just an additional click, or it could have extracted via the contextual menu of the file, but I will answer “Why when there is better!”.

7zip offers the possibility of doing the same thing more quickly. But not only in terms of interface, also in terms of decompression speed. See for yourself this performance test that I found on reddit

7zip vs WinRar performance test

On this test, 7zip is faster and offers better compression rates compared to WinRar.

But why 7zip is so unpopular?

This is the question I asked myself, and I remember seeing a video (I can’t find it anymore) about WinRar which lit a lightbulb in my mind. WinRar’s strategy and the endless trial period also keep it popular. Indeed, people install it, bypass the little message and that’s it. Being so popular, this software is installed at the enterprise level. However, a company cannot afford to use “endless trial” software and that is where they will buy WinRar licenses.

This article is therefore intended for you, everyday user and for companies who waste money on such software.


This software lets you control your external monitor’s brightness

Ever wanted to control your external monitor’s brightness via software on Windows? Well this great piece of software will help you do it in few clicks.

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0

The first thing we need to do is to download and install ClickMonitorDDC to see if your hardware configuration works. After installing it, launch it. If nothing shows up, check the task bar near the clock where you might see some numbers like in the screenshot below :

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 taskbar icons
ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 taskbar icons

How to control my monitor’s brightness?

First, you need to click any of the icons you see in the taskbar. You’ll be greeted with the following window :

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 main window with the monitor's brightness settings
ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 main window with the monitor’s brightness settings

Try to use the slider that says Brightness and if everything’s working as expected, your monitor’s brightness should change accordingly. This is of course as you may notice not the only feature of this software. You can adjust the contrast as well as the color profiles and other functionnalities that your monitor may support.

My desktop monitor for example supports volume control as well as custom color temperature settings (located in the bottom-left side in the scroll items).

Custom profiles for specific apps !

Another neat feature is that ClickMonitorDDC can also enable specific screen settings depending on the app you might be using. Click the little button located on the top-left corner, you’ll see a settings window as follows :

ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 settings window
ClickMonitorDDC 7.0 settings window

You can fiddle around with specific apps profiles, timers and hotkeys. To be honest, I was really surprised with how complete this software is.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a developer, a creator or any type of user, I’m more than sure that this great piece of software can be greatly useful for you. I’m using it on all my computers to quickly control my monitor’s brightness with just a click. If you like this software, please don’t forget to support the developer with a little donation.

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